· Large-scales water treatment project installation:

The company has been in charge the design and the built of medium and large scale civil and industrial water treatment plants, contributing with their innovative technology processes to meet the environmental requirements.

· Prefabricated plants for water treatment:

For housing projects we have a line of plants in prefabricated plastic material that facilitates installation. Our plants are guaranteed with after-sales service and maintenance.

These types of plants are very interesting economically:

· Primary and drinking water treatment plants:

Water treatment is not limited to wastewater. We can also supply treatment plants for drinking water and human consumption

The technologies are in several ways:

  • Disinfection for chlorination
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Ozono
  • Chemical treatment of clarification
  • Ion exchange resin
  • UV ray

A complete water treatment plant built in 2004:

· Plants for the production of bio-energy:

In order to meet the needs of the customers Wings offers the service of high-level plants for the production of renewable energy.

·Service of plants for the production of Biogas:

Biogas production is an alternative that can be used for renewable energy processing. The process of Biogas uses anaerobic digestion, which is a biologic procedure whereby in the absence of oxygen, the organic substance is transformed into Biogas, consisting mainly in methane gas.

· Plant service for the production of Biomass:

Waste from industrial or domestic processes can be converted into Biomass. Wings proposes its technology to convert the biomass into a source of thermal and/or electrical energy.

· Post sales services:

Wings provides a service that guarantees the maintenance in time of the maximum efficiency of the installation. Additionally Wings offers evaluation and analysis service with integrated solution to any existing treatment plant system.

· Supply of plastic tanks:

Wings has an active partnership for several years with the company Rototec Spa, of which it is a distributor in Central America, North America and Latin America. The Rototec Sp final customer produced an interesting and complete combination of supply and technology.

Rototec Spa is part of System Group, one of the main Italian and European groups in the supply of solutions for the construction of underground networks for the invention of fluids and protection of cables through pipes, accessories and components in PE, PP and PVC. The group was born in the inside Pesaro from the idea of businessman Alvaro Boscarini, who founded Centraltubi in 1979.