To be a company that is dedicated, mainly, to the exchange of technologies, products and services between companies, both at industrial and civil level.

Framed in high levels of efficiency and oriented to meet in an innovative way the growing demands of its customers, based on organization, professionalism, teamwork, quality of its products and services and excellent customer care.


To be a high performance company, with a level of integration, innovation, dynamism and flexibility in the management of its processes that guarantees higher levels of satisfaction to its customers; ensuring user protection, the environment and improvement of techniques to meet its needs and expectations with increasing efficiency and effectiveness.​​


When exchanging  products, technologies and services in the environment and energy production sectors, both in the industrial and civilian sector.

The company aims to achieve a renewed quality, based on  the principles of management qualities, in which each of its member knows why its works, manages and guarantees consumer protection, the support of its supplies, the guarantee of the state of physical, psychological and social well-being of the workers and customers, the protection of facilities and the environment, in compliance with the applicable legislation in force.

All this in order to meet the needs and the expectations of the external and internal customers in the search to raise the levels of productivity and commercial profit that allow the economic growth of the entity.